Silverlight 3D

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Learn 3D with Silverlight, at MSDN Magazine

Great review about the article – Mike James, I Programmer,

“Silverlight 3D for me this article was the star of the show. It is about three different ways to create a rotating 3D cube in Silverlight. After some basic theory it explains how to do the job in Silverlight 4 first using rectangles and projections and then using bitmap images. The third method however is much more satisfactory – using XNA with Silverlight 5. Can’t wait for Silverlight 5!”

Here is excerpts from my article, let me know if you find it useful.

Developing 3D Objects in Silverlight

In this article, I’ll show you how to develop 3D objects in Silverlight. I’ll start with a brief background on 3D and then look at some of the advanced features available in Silverlight that enable creation and display of 3D objects. I’ll take a simple example of a cube and show you three different ways to create 3D transformations. I’ll also explain what key elements you need to display a 3D object on a computer screen. Finally, I’ll explore how Silverlight 5 will allow you to go beyond what’s available today and create much richer 3D objects.

Silverlight supports a right-handed coordinate system, which means the positive z axis is pointing toward the viewer (see Figure1). There are three main elements of 3D that are needed for displaying an object on the screen:

* Perspective
* Transformation
* Effect of light

More …. check at Developing 3D Objects in Silverlight at MSDN Magazine