1. Simple, concise, instructive and informative – 4-Star “Excellent” Rating By Tim Heuer, Microsoft (Redmond, WA USA)

    This is a great book for someone looking to get a broad view of the Silverlight 4 platform. It is very simple to read/understand for anyone wanting to get started. The book is very illustrative – literally – to provide good visuals about each of the core concepts. At the end of reading this book and following the examples, the reader should be able to quickly start building “real” applications using the basic concepts.

    For an advanced user, which I don’t believe this book targets, it is missing some of the more larger aspects of deeper databinding understandings/techniques, development patterns (i.e., MVVM in depth), richer styling/templating of custom controls. Again, these are not what I’d consider fundamental to an introductory and as the book points out — it is helping you learn by having some fun with Silverlight 4.


  2. A nice concise read! : 5 Stars ,By Kevin Snow (Amherst, NH USA)

    The book dives right into the subject matter, so you can quickly get started having fun developing in the Silverlight environment. It starts off with a nice concise section on control layout management, some basic controls, and input and event handling. If you initially still need more of an overview of Silverlight in general, the author has graciously provided a Silverlight beginners guide in the appendix of the book. He does a super job here of identifying the various Silverlight components and how they interact to create the actual Silverlight application. The book lacks a traditional index in the back of the book. However, the table of contents is well structured and detailed so it is very easy to locate the topic or feature that you are looking for.

    The book is laid out in the familiar cookbook style format. So it takes no time at all to swiftly lookup a problem or issue and see both a brief description of the solution and the actual code for the solution. The author does an awesome job of providing class diagrams throughout the book to show the inheritance hierarchy of the classes that you will use. A lot of books fail to provide this information, and this helps the developper get a better grasp of the overall Silverlight class library.

    I have been developing in Silverlight for almost 3 years, and I learned some interesting information from the book in several areas. So, this book is suitable for both beginners and experienced Silverlight developers. The author covers some interesting topics like extending the browser (SilverlightHost, local storage, HTML Bridge, etc), integration with ASP.NET and AJAX, and interacting with web services.

    Definitely a book worth getting!

  3. Simple Straight & Direct and I love it: 5 Star , thanks Nexustoday (Minneapolis,USA) January 6th

    Lately in the techworld its difficult to keep abreast with latest technologies and new developments.

    I started using MSDN Magazine for that but its way too fast and does’t fit my needs as I am serious developer. I got this book to give a shot at silverlight bec thats one of the frameworks or technology i was lagging way behind. I got this book and to me life has become simple and straight. I have already completed first 7 chapters and Let me tell you I am back coding heavily again on Silverlight.
    Books is nicely done and simple to get and. Only one tip to author, he has a baseline chapter to give overview of Silverlight and which is in last few chapters.

    This book is awesome thanks to author for making life simpler .


  4. Learning with fun: A Five star review by .NET developer Syed Ahmed, December 28, 2011

    As the title goes this book does has the thing in it. It been a good experience in learning and working with silverlight referencing this book.

    I really enjoyed the example Rajesh has chosen to explain the concepts of silverlight. one of the example really helped me out in official project. All the technologies related to silverlight viz Ajax, XAML is been easily understood here although those are not been covered in details here.

    Overall good reference for web programmers.

    I am really enjoying it.

    Thanks Rajesh for a great edition. I really appreciate your effort.

    Syed Ahmed, A .NET Developer from Texas

  5. Handy guide for you to find specific solutions you want to achieve in Silverlight 4, December 25, 2011

    The book “Fun with Silverlight 4” authored by Rajesh Lal is a handy guide for you to find specific solutions you want to achieve in Silverlight 4. The book covers a bundle of problem statements with solutions that a beginner to experienced professional needs. All the solutions were provided with a clear explanation and huge code examples, which you will not find in any other books.

    The book is divided into three sections called “Develop Silverlight Applications”, “Interact with Web” and “Advance with Media”. The first section covers Silverlight as a client side technology where you can design Rich Internet Applications using Silverlight 4. If you move forward to the second section, you will see how Silverlight interacts with the server side technologies. The third section covers the advanced feature of Silverlight. This covers about Rich Media Applications. And finally a special section for the beginners to know about the basics of Silverlight.

    All the above three sections covers a set of Chapters which includes a bundle of problem statements with solutions. Code examples are well covered by the Author with detailed explanation.

    The book takes an example approach for all problems and features, and illustrates with class diagrams what objects and methods are used and how the elements of a Silverlight project are created in easy to understand format.

    The best part of the book is that it has a well structured index page which you can use to move forward to the particular problem statement that you are looking for. If you are a beginner, read the book as it is structured and that will be easy for you to learn Silverlight in a nice fashion.

    I reviewed the book from the Technology point of view and believe me, it’s a great book for you in your day to day development requirements. I recommend this book for all the professionals whether he/she is a beginner, intermediate or experienced as this will be a great book for your reference.

    Kunal Chowdhury, Technical Editor of the book, a Microsoft MVP (Silverlight), a Telerik MVP, and a Codeproject MVP

  6. Great book with tons of details!, December 22, 2011

    Let me set the record straight. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of Silverlight 4.

    This book covers three sections of Silverlight 4:

    • Develop Silverlight Application
    • Interact with Web
    • Advance with Media

    Each of these sections uses a problem/solution approach that covers not only the basics of Silverlight but all the topics you need to get you started. The book does not assume that you know anything about Silverlight. The author has included a entire chapter (11) showing you the basics.

    The author has provided well-written problems and solutions that you would face in the real-world. The flow is excellent covering various situations taking you step by step along with complete source code. One of the great features of this book is that it has a quick index of all the problems that are solved, you can take a look at the index and get straight to the problem you are trying to solve. Excellent work!

    Overall I strongly recommend this book to everyone as it is nice to read the book and also could be used as a reference.

    Michael Crump (Hoover, AL United States) A Microsoft MVP

  7. Putting the FUN into Silverlight 4, December 15, 2011

    The title of this book relays everything that you need to know about the projects contained – how to create projects that are both fun and productive. Rajesh covers a number of exciting projects in this book. The projects revolve around a central theme – how to create applications for the Web and the desktop using Sliverlight 4 that allows you to provide:

    • * Multimedia using video and audio
    • * 3D objects and graphics
    • * Extend the control framework in Silverlight
    • * Interactive media applications
    • * Create animation for media and games

    The book treats each of these topics in a recipe type format that approaches each potential use case in a problem/solution approach by defining what each potential problem case is, and then providing clear and concise guidance on how to solve that problem.

    In each case, the reader is led step by step through the process of designing and developing the project. Rajesh’s eloquent solutions provide a rich method that can be expanded on by the reader to solve their own requirements.

    At the end of the day, this book is s starting point for anyone who wants to use Silverlight in all applicable cases, be it a desktop solution, a Windows Phone 7 application, or a Web application. Anyone interested in Silverlight will find this book to be a worthy addition to their reference library.

    - Richard T. Kingslan from Microsoft

  8. A unique and thorough book, December 10, 2011

    The author has a unique voice where he cuts out the fluff and gets to the point. This allows him to cover a lot of topics so this book is about as thorough as a Silverlight book can get. I can not think of a subject that is not covered. This is a self-published work (it’s a big 587 page work) but it is still well edited.

    - Michael, A Microsoft MVP (PASADENA, CA, United States)

  9. Awesome book, straight to the point, great code samples, a must have., December 8, 2011

    This book should have been named ‘Cookbook’ something. It has straight forward code recipes, and author gets to the point pretty quick. The book takes up an problem, and describes the solution with the code provided.

    In most of the Sliverlight books you might be lost searching for a particular topic or a problem, for example making a media player, or file upload, or making a progress bar etc. This book has index of all the problems that are solved, you can take a look at the index and get straight to the problem you are trying to solve.

    The code is well written, the language is easy to follow and explanation is compact but adequate. Even if you already have another Silverlight book, this book is a great addition to your library, as there is no other ‘Cookbook’ book full of great code recipes like it on Silverlight topic in the market.

    - By Andy Chauhan” (Baytown, TX)

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  1. Rodrigo says:

    Hello, how to get the book?

  2. rajeshlal says:

    The book is going through a final round of technical editing. Will be available at amazon and all the stores by the end of the month.

    best regards

  3. George says:

    Does the book have any code samples?

    • rajeshlal says:

      Hey George

      The book is actually a “How To ” Tutorial and each and every title in the book has code sample associated with it.


  4. fox says:

    Adobe and Microsoft should team up so that they can share one runtime !

  5. David says:

    Very much looking forward to the release of your new book — the scope and topics are exactly on the mark. Even given the ongoing debate about the future of Silverlight – I see great value in the release of your book. Best of luck with getting through final technical editing. I don’t see it yet on either Amazon or BN.

  6. rajeshlal says:

    David, nice to hear that, and thanks for your message. It will be out very soon, I am just going through the proof copy.

  7. rajeshlal says:

    The book “Fun with Silverlight 4″ Available Now ! Hot off the press

    Click here to buy directly from CreateSpace

    The book will be available at amazon, b&n, and other book stores in few days. More information about the book at

  8. rajeshlal says:

    The book is now available at Amazon and will reach other book stores soon.

    Buy from amazon here