A nice concise read! : 5 Stars ,By Kevin Snow (Amherst, NH USA)

The book dives right into the subject matter, so you can quickly get started having fun developing in the Silverlight environment. It starts off with a nice concise section on control layout management, some basic controls, and input and event handling. If you initially still need more of an overview of Silverlight in general, the author has graciously provided a Silverlight beginners guide in the appendix of the book. He does a super job here of identifying the various Silverlight components and how they interact to create the actual Silverlight application. The book lacks a traditional index in the back of the book. However, the table of contents is well structured and detailed so it is very easy to locate the topic or feature that you are looking for.

The book is laid out in the familiar cookbook style format. So it takes no time at all to swiftly lookup a problem or issue and see both a brief description of the solution and the actual code for the solution. The author does an awesome job of providing class diagrams throughout the book to show the inheritance hierarchy of the classes that you will use. A lot of books fail to provide this information, and this helps the developper get a better grasp of the overall Silverlight class library.

I have been developing in Silverlight for almost 3 years, and I learned some interesting information from the book in several areas. So, this book is suitable for both beginners and experienced Silverlight developers. The author covers some interesting topics like extending the browser (SilverlightHost, local storage, HTML Bridge, etc), integration with ASP.NET and AJAX, and interacting with web services.

Definitely a book worth getting!

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