Handy Guide for specific solutions in Silverlight 4 – Kunal Chowdhury, Microsoft MVP (Silverlight)

Handy guide for you to find specific solutions you want to achieve in Silverlight 4, December 25, 2011

The book “Fun with Silverlight 4” authored by Rajesh Lal is a handy guide for you to find specific solutions you want to achieve in Silverlight 4. The book covers a bundle of problem statements with solutions that a beginner to experienced professional needs. All the solutions were provided with a clear explanation and huge code examples, which you will not find in any other books.

The book is divided into three sections called “Develop Silverlight Applications”, “Interact with Web” and “Advance with Media”. The first section covers Silverlight as a client side technology where you can design Rich Internet Applications using Silverlight 4. If you move forward to the second section, you will see how Silverlight interacts with the server side technologies. The third section covers the advanced feature of Silverlight. This covers about Rich Media Applications. And finally a special section for the beginners to know about the basics of Silverlight.

All the above three sections covers a set of Chapters which includes a bundle of problem statements with solutions. Code examples are well covered by the Author with detailed explanation.

The book takes an example approach for all problems and features, and illustrates with class diagrams what objects and methods are used and how the elements of a Silverlight project are created in easy to understand format.

The best part of the book is that it has a well structured index page which you can use to move forward to the particular problem statement that you are looking for. If you are a beginner, read the book as it is structured and that will be easy for you to learn Silverlight in a nice fashion.

I reviewed the book from the Technology point of view and believe me, it’s a great book for you in your day to day development requirements. I recommend this book for all the professionals whether he/she is a beginner, intermediate or experienced as this will be a great book for your reference.

Kunal Chowdhury, Technical Editor of the book, a Microsoft MVP (Silverlight), a Telerik MVP, and a Codeproject MVP

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