Putting the FUN into Silverlight 4,- By Richard T. Kingslan from Microsoft

Great Review by the Technical Editor,

The title of this book relays everything that you need to know about the projects contained – how to create projects that are both fun and productive. Rajesh covers a number of exciting projects in this book. The projects revolve around a central theme – how to create applications for the Web and the desktop using Sliverlight 4 that allows you to provide:

  • * Multimedia using video and audio
  • * 3D objects and graphics
  • * Extend the control framework in Silverlight
  • * Interactive media applications
  • * Create animation for media and games

The book treats each of these topics in a recipe type format that approaches each potential use case in a problem/solution approach by defining what each potential problem case is, and then providing clear and concise guidance on how to solve that problem.

In each case, the reader is led step by step through the process of designing and developing the project. Rajesh’s eloquent solutions provide a rich method that can be expanded on by the reader to solve their own requirements.

At the end of the day, this book is s starting point for anyone who wants to use Silverlight in all applicable cases, be it a desktop solution, a Windows Phone 7 application, or a Web application. Anyone interested in Silverlight will find this book to be a worthy addition to their reference library.

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