About the Book ‘Fun with Silverlight 4′

Silverlight 4 is a rich, new technology which has the potential to change the face of the Internet. Silverlight takes your web application to the next level with compelling vector graphics, 3-D animations, Ajax, and advanced multimedia support.

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Silverlight applications are created using the .NET Framework which many times faster than plain JavaScript. This is a big step towards a rich and interactive User Interface for the Web. Silverlight is suited to a variety of applications. In this book we will learn the following:

  •   Advanced Graphics and Animation
  •   Reusable Controls
  •   Data Visualization and Ajax
  •   Silverlight with Web Services
  •   Advanced Media Applications

What’s in the Book
This book is a “How-To” guide, so you will find solutions for specific things you want to do in Silverlight. The solutions will provide for you working samples of advanced features available in Silverlight 4, and how they apply in a real world scenario. The book moves one step at a time and teaches you by defining common problems and solving the problem independently. The chapters in the book are laid out in a progressive manner, and can also be used as a reference for any particular topic. The book is meant for intermediate to advanced programmers and a basic knowledge of .NET and standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML is assumed.

If you need to “dust off” your Silverlight knowledge, or if you simply need a quick, down and dirty introduction, you will find that the “Beginner’s guide: Appendix A” is well suited for this purpose.. The beginner’s guide takes you behind the scenes and shows you what Silverlight is, what is meant by a Silverlight plug-in, what the components of Silverlight applications are, and the role of the .NET Framework in the Internet platform.

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